Registered company address Klaipėda, H. Manto g. (pseudo)
  • City center
  • Owned by a company
  • Confirm in 15 minutes
    (I - V 9:00 - 17:00)
Pay now and receive the permit
tomorrow to 9:15

What is a pseudoaddress?

This is a legitimate address to register a company. The state register will accept it as any other office address. However, you will not be given a suit or room number and your company name will not be printed at the entrance. While legally your company is legitimately registered here, practically it is impossible to find at these premises. This makes physical location checks impossible.

Price and Order Form

Do not accept. This address does not and will not have a mailbox. May you need to receive post in the future, please choose another address, for example: Vilnius, Girulių g..

This virtual office provides:

  • Free delivery of the paper document by post

    We deliver the permit for this address to your office or home at no cost. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive delivery details by email.

  • Administration of the registered correspondence

    We do not accept post at this address. Your correspondence will be returned to the sender. If you want to receive post, please choose another address, for example: Vilnius, Girulių g..

  • How is this address provided?

    1. Order and Pay

    Enter your company name, pay the proforma invoice at by wire transfer, PayPal or cash. In 5 minutes confirms the payment and sends your address details by email.

    2. Fill in the state register form

    Enter details from our email to the state register form. If you are changing an existing company's address, you will receive detailed information and form templates.

    3. We confirm

    We sign the permit to register your company at our address. Electronic form permit is ready instantly in the state register system. Paper form permit is ready to collect in our office.